Tournament Information

Exciting news for the 2021 ICCFS Tournament Season!

Online and In-Person Tournaments

As global trends in industry and ministry continue to grow into online spaces, we will continue to offer online tournaments in 2021 to prepare students for our globally-connected online world. Our ICCFS Online Tournaments prepare students to engage online audiences and develop cultural intelligence and collaboration as we are able to gather together globally as one community. 

This last year has taught us to value in-person connections even more. ICCFS, in coordination with local ICC areas, will offer In-Person Tournaments in 2021, hoping to bring our local communities together in unique ways. We’re looking forward to offering these tournaments as we remain committed to the health and safety of our community. 

We encourage you to take advantage of both practice opportunities to grow in character, competence, and connection with online and in-person audiences.

New Speech Events

We have three new, recorded, speech events for 2021 that prepare students for the real world. These events will be offered only at online tournaments. They are recorded and submitted prior to the tournament date. Speakers may choose one recorded event per tournament.

  • YSG2 Audio Podcast

  • YSG3 Video Podcast

  • Guild Media Message (team event)

Listen to our ICCFS Director, Dede Ruff, talk more about Online and In-Person Tournaments

Please read through all information prior to registering for a tournament.


  • All participants at both in-person and online tournaments must be accompanied by a parent or chaperone (at least 25 yo) who will act as an evaluator or tournament staff.
  • Chaperones must sign up as an evaluator.
  • The Chaperone is expected to be available during the entire tournament.
  • Sign up online as an evaluator using the form for your tournament found on the Registrations page. 


  • Speakers must meet eligibility requirements by the first day of the tournament.
  • Speakers must be at least 11 years old.
  • Speakers presenting in YSG 2 events must have completed their YSG 1 portfolio.
  • Speakers presenting in YSG 3 events must have completed their YSG 2 portfolio.
  • Speakers presenting in Guild events must have been inducted into the Young Speakers Guild.
  • Round Table Facilitators must have served as Student Instructors within the last 12 months. 
  • YSG Award eligibility found HERE.

Tournament Fees & Registration 

  • Find fees & registration HERE on the Registration page.
  • All speakers must practice at least one prepared speech.
  • Except for YSG 1 events, speakers may participate in events for YSG levels they have already completed.
  • Check registration page for discount and registration deadlines.
  • Events are filled in the order participants register and is based on the registration timestamp.
  • All YSG 2, 3, and Guild speakers will participate in Round Table.

Team Events

  • Duo, Cultural Storytelling, Original Adaptation, and Media Message
  • Each member of a team must register separately and provide the partner’s name.
  • Registration is not complete until both partners have registered.
  • Register for no more than 2 events with a partner.

New 2021 ICCFS Recorded Events 

  • Audio Podcast, Video Podcast, and Media Message are recorded events.
  • Register for no more than 1 recorded event per online tournament.

Student Evaluators

  • Eligibility and requirements can be found here: Student Evaluator
  • Select the Student Evaluator role at registration.


  • Speakers must commit to be present from their designated tournament check-in until the conclusion of the tournament showcase. 
  • Speakers who leave early forfeit any award they would receive.
  • An adult chaperone must be present and available to evaluate as needed during the entire tournament.
  • View the Schedule on the registration page.

Registration Changes

  • After you have registered but before tournament registration closes, you may DROP or ADD an event:
  • Complete the Drop or Add an Event Form found on the Registration page. If it is an event that includes a partner, both partners must submit this form. No refunds.
  • Pay $15 for each add and each drop.
  •  If the event includes a partner, both partners must submit this form.
  • After Tournament registration closes, there are no changes made to registration.


Tournament Specific Information

Host housing requests and evaluator sign-up forms for each location are listed on the Registration page.

Tournament Documents

  • Standards & Practices - students must agree with these and sign their Script Submission Forms.
  • Find ballots, rules, Q&A, and Script Submission Forms on the Speech Events page.
  • ICCFS Event Participation Verification - available for those who need to give proof of attendance. It is to be signed by Tournament Coordinator after the tournament to verify this as an educational event. Includes a list of training that speakers experience at the tournament. Ask the Coordinator to provide it.


Please direct any registration questions/problems to your Area Coordinator.